We are Elena and Fani, mothers of Andreas, Maria-Christina, and little Christos! We spent most of our younger, single, kids free years (oh! those were the years!) living and working abroad. Actually, that’s where we both started our families.

We were both working in the corporate world and raising our kids but – there’s always a but, isn’t there? – something was missing. So, we decided to move to Cyprus with the hope of finding a better quality of life, being closer to family and concentrating on what really matters. For us a good quality of life goes hand in hand with fulfilment and purpose beyond our roles as mums and wives, doing something close to our heart, something more than just work, something meaningful.

That is how the Mum and Baby Centre idea was born. We decided to create a place offering to new and expectant parents the services that we were fortunate to experience abroad and that prepared us and our partners for the amazing (alas, at times crazy!) journey from pregnancy to parenthood. A haven for expectant and new parents, that is really what “The Mum & Baby Centre” is to us and what we hope it becomes to you as well!




We follow a holistic approach to your journey into parenthood

We believe that the cornerstones of healthy pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal period are a mum’s physical, emotional and social wellbeing. That’s why at the Mum & Baby centre we work to offer the support you need pre and post-natally on all these three aspects:


Stay healthy and fit with our specially designed pregnancy workouts, fitness classes for parents with babies and with support on the right nutrition for you as per your dietary needs. Nurture your body with our healthy, fresh and yummy snacks and drinks (LINK to menu) and get advice from one of our nutritionist associates.


Prepare emotionally for labour as well as the care and safety of your baby with our Mum & Baby antenatal class, which includes support and advice from psychologists, nutritionists, lactation consultants and other acclaimed field specialists. After birth, explore new ways to bond with your baby, develop her senses and enjoy yourselves with our baby massage, baby yoga and baby sensory classes.


All our classes are run in a relaxed and sociable environment, where you have the chance to meet like-minded parents in a similar phase in their lives as you and make lasting friendships for you and your baby.