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Multi-sensory room for baby development

A unique concept in Cyprus!

Sensory stimulation is particularly essential early in development; within the first 3 years of life, there is rapid development of most of the brain’s neural pathways supporting communication, social development, understanding, and emotional well being1.

Multisensorial stimulation has been shown to enhance brain development1, 2, 3 and thus aids in overall healthy baby development. Stimulating multiple senses sends signals to the brain that strengthen the neural processes for learning1.

The Mum & Baby Centre multi-sensory room is a calm and peaceful place for your baby to develop their sensory skills through a range of stimulating objects. This controlled and safe environment enables your child to relax, lets their exploratory mind evolve, and helps them learn through their senses.

Babies can attend baby sensory classes from birth. We offer sensory-based structured classes and sensory room play time. In a formal class setting your baby will be put in an age specific class that will take account of your baby’s stage of development. If you’re attending the multi-sensory room as a one-off for play time, you may find a wide range in the ages of the babies present.

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Kids’ corner

An imaginative and fun space for older children, where they can read, listen to music, draw, play board games and create! At the Mum & Baby Centre we support traditional, creative play, thus you will not find screens of any sort. However, we understand the need for and usefulness of technology for older children, always at their parents’ control and discretion, so there is availability of headphones and usb jacks at the chill-out wall cells.

Babies’ soft play area


The soft play area is specifically designed for babies and toddlers. Divided in two separated areas for crawlers and walkers, it provides the perfect safe environment for your baby to play while you enjoy your drink and snack. The area is disinfected daily with baby safe detergents.

Breastfeeding facilities

We are breastfeeding friendly! You can breastfeed anywhere you like in The Mum & Baby Centre. We know that we are all different and some of us are shy and want privacy, or just want some alone time with our babies during breastfeeding. So, we also designed a private breastfeeding area with all the comforts a mum would need during that special time with her baby.



Baby facilities

All the toilets in the Mum & Baby Centre are equipped with baby changing facilities, even the men’s room, for yours and your baby’s convenience. There is even a baby holder, so that you can finally be free to use the restroom without having to hold your baby!